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Short Break Away

The Cheeky Short Break Away or in the UK

The time of year is upon us. In the flat and empty days post-Christmas, the time for holiday firms to advertise brighter sunny days ahead is upon us.

For many, particularly those without school age children, the trends and opportunities for holidays and breaks away have never been more varied, accessible, and even affordable. It is easy, in the grey doldrums of British post-Christmas weather to be instantly seduced by the visions of Continue reading

House Building on Floodplains

House Building on Floodplains

In this island (small island, thank you Bill Bryson), housing is in short supply, and at prices never seen before and still rising, and one of the major problems, is where to put them.

Immigration, a healthy birth rate, and increased longevity have probably played as bigger role in creating the shortage as the seemingly endless supply of Continue reading