Short Break Away

The Cheeky Short Break Away or in the UK

The time of year is upon us. In the flat and empty days post-Christmas, the time for holiday firms to advertise brighter sunny days ahead is upon us.

For many, particularly those without school age children, the trends and opportunities for holidays and breaks away have never been more varied, accessible, and even affordable. It is easy, in the grey doldrums of British post-Christmas weather to be instantly seduced by the visions of winter sun.

The changing holiday expectations and almost limitless opportunities, have for many people ended or certainly curtailed, the old ideas of a fortnight’s summer holiday, into dividing holiday time and money resources into a number of shorter breaks.

The seduction of winter sun can be strong, but the downsides of the travelling involved can be a powerful deterrent if the pros and cons are carefully weighed up. For instance, to reach any manner of sun, it will take at least four to five hours of flying to reach the nearest spots, the next stages being eight to ten hours, plus the hours of airport waiting time.

For a few days away, this much travelling would only be feasible for die-hard travellers who draw enjoyment from the travelling experience itself, for others it could seem like purgatory.

There is a surprising alternative much closer to home which, although lacking in potential sunshine, is on offer at mostly its cheapest rates of the year, and that is here in Britain.

The rental on holiday let cottages is at its lowest for the year, and the concept of a roaring open fire, or discreet wood burner in a cosy stone cottage is a very warming one indeed.

In UK cities, hotel rates do not drop with the same dramatic fall, but many attractions are priced more competitively during the winter months, and a great bonus is that the tourist numbers are also at their yearly lowest mean, allowing more space in the city’s bars and restaurants.

The British pub, whether it is a country pub, a coaching inn, or a city bar of mahogany and glass, and many besides, are envied across the world, and copied by many, but as a warm and welcoming oasis in the winter, whether to stay overnight, to take meals, meet people, or just to rest, drink, and pass the time, they are surpassed by none.

From the sunny Isles of Scilly to the ski slopes of Scotland’s Aviemore, winter breaks in Britain can give a rewarding warmth surprisingly close to home.